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Raising tadpoles,
frogs and toads

drawing sketches photos images
frog eggs
 frogs eggs
toad eggs
 toads eggs
tadpole 3 days
tadpole 3 days
tadpole 8 days
frog tadpole 8 days
baby frog
baby frog
How do frogs reproduce
frog before thermometer frog before a calendar
Embryo development
temperature between 19°C and 22°C
frog eggs in container
in a tank of 2 to 4 liters
frog eggs one day
1st day
 egg 6mm.
 embryo 1,5mm.
frog eggs 2 days
2nd day
 egg 8mm.
 embryo 2,5mm.
frog eggs 3 days
3rd day
 embryo 4mm.
frog eggs 4 days
4th day
 embryo 6mm.

Feeding, raising tadpoles how to do

tadpoles eat salad
2 days after hatching
tadpoles with gills
external gills
 at maximum
tadpoles eat carrots
4 days after hatching, there is no more visible gills
 food: carrots and leeks
tadpoles 7 days mixed vegetables
stuffiness,  care
tadpoles in polluted water
turbid and polluted water
green water
green water
 from the
 garden basin
air in tadpoles container
aerate water
 and water changes
nitrite test
nitrites test
 0,5 mg/l
Growth curve
How long does it take for tadpoles to turn into a frog.
growth curve  tadpole drawing frog
 in mm.
age in days
tadpoles big mouth
tadpoles 21 days
 big mouth, little paws.
hover the mouse pointer
 to see in LARGE ---->
Metamorphosis,    transform
from tadpoles to frogs
How a tadpole develops
from April 12th to April 23rd 2010
tadpole 20 days
tadpole 20 days
animated tadpole development
 20 days and more
tadpole with hind legs
tadpole 24 days
tadpoles 26 days tadpoles 26 days tadpoles 26 days tadpoles 26 days tadpole paw five fingers
tadpoles 26 days
 38 mm.
today for dessert:
 Greek cheese and banana.
 to water pollution.
tadpole 27 days tadpole 28 days
tadpole 28 days 2 tadpole 29 days tadpole 30 days tadpole 30 days 2
30th day in the morning
30th day at noon
water beach outlet
garden basin with outlet plate
sloping shore
pond : exit out of water for frogs
The frog
second life: on earth
baby frog
 2nd day
frog two days on the beach frog two days on air frog 2 days in the fields
on the beach
in the air
in the field
animated tadpole development
tadpole development
 20 days and more
tadpoles arm start
tadpole 27 days
tadpole 4 legs
tadpole 28 days
2 baby frogs
froglets third day, very smart and in escape.
2 baby frogs in the grass
find the two froglets.
April 2010.
baby frogs
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