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Freshwater aquarium
advice before starting

 Part 1  Notions aquarium equipment, drawings, pics, tips, tricks.
fresh water aquarium
 exotic freshwater aquarium.
aquarium guppy
  And also feed the fish but moderately.
 Food should never fall to the bottom.
 Food flakes on sale in the aquarist shops.
 A small aquarium can run alone near a window (not in the sun, cooking risk), but a medium or large aquarium must imperatively have artificial lighting in addition, at least 12 hours of light per day to grow plants .
  How to create and make a new balanced aquarium
  Cycles  oxygen - carbon dioxide - nitrogen
  design drawings pictures pics.
cycle co2 cycle no3
  Pollution.    Solution =   bacteria + oxygen
fish air
  Air pump.     Filter.
   Non-return valve.  
  When you stop a pump it may happen that the aquarium water rises in the air pipe, and creates a flood.
To avoid this we put a non-water return valve.
   The filter. 
  In a crowded aquarium, waste, wilted leaves, uneaten food, feces accumulate faster than nature can recycle.
 So we must give boost by putting a biological filter.
 The filter can be purchased or homemade.
air pump
 detailed filter
D I Y     Filter.
hover with mouse
homemade filter.
to tinker yourself
sand filtering fish jam jar filter
big nylon
  Change the water.     Siphoning.
  Water change.  

  why?   because with the time the aquarium water is too loaded with nitrate
  When  should you change the water? Everything depends on the number of inhabitants in your aquarium and the amount of food that you throw in your aquarium.
  How much?  Water changes are 1/10th per week otherwise 1 time per month and maximum 1/5th of volume. The days after water changes, the plants grow twice faster due to mineral content in fresh water. If you are using tap water let it first rest one day  in a bucket with a bubbler to allow the chlorine to evaporate maximum.
 Nobody likes chlorine, neither the fish, nor the plants, or  the bacteria.
   How to change the water   in the aquarium?
  With a simple flexible plastic pipe found in aquarium shops, water is siphoned into a bucket. See the drawing.
 Big pipe for drain and siphoning.
 Small pipe for adding water.
 fish tank water change
add slowly water
thermometers digital thermometers heating
 + Heating.
electrical connections
combined thermostat
 + Heating.
temperature setting
with felt
squeegee with
razor blades
with magnet
dip nets fossilized wood quartz stone quartz sand
fossilized wood
quartz stone
quartz sand
dutch aquarium
Dutch style planted aquarium
warm fresh water
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    Part 2
 Create.  Boot.  Lay out, develop the aquarium.
Installation. What kind of water must you choose?
 The hardness of the water. The pH.
lay out
aquarium layout.
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     Sea water
 Create,   Start,   reef aquarium
seawater,   corals
Microfauna. PH.
start reef aquarium
reef aquarium.
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bacoba cabomba elodea ludwigia fougere cryptocoryne
 Easy Freshwater
tropical plants
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platy molly scalaire neon
easy exotic fish.
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fish introduction white spots fish care hidden fish
Introduce a fish.
care, behaviors.
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danio reproduction danio
of Danio rerio.
fond elodea guppy elodea
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