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  The  freshwater aquarium
  Part 3      Easy exotic warm water fish.
  Viviparous, oviparous tropical fish,
 modes of reproduction,
 what fish to choose,
 the water hardness, pH,
guppy elodea
(ovoviviparous)Among the ovoviviparous (Guppy), eggs are fertilized by the male in the female's belly and embryos develop (incubation) in eggs in the mother's belly to their maturity.
guppy platy molly
fond guppy
fond platy
fond molly
  The size of fish    varies depending on the size of the tank. The larger Is the aquarium, the larger the fish become.
  The Lifetime   depends on the temperature.
  In warm water, fish live faster , in cold water they live in slow motion and therefore they live longer.
 But we must still try to keep the temperature that suits them.
baleine froid
The size of fish varies depending on the size of the tank.
The lifetime depends on the temperature.
  Oviparous fish.
neon scalare carnegiella coridoras danio
neon scalare carnegiella corydoras danio repro danios
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 Some exotic fish require acidic water.
   How to make acidic water?
  To have acidic water in the aquarium you must buy special aquarium peat (turf), which is placed into the filter, this is called filtering on peat.
  In this case we don't filter on coal (activated charcoal) because it would make no sense.
 Do not put calcareous stones in an acidic water aquarium, since they reduce the acidity of the water.
  Turf can also be placed directly in the aquarium to make a nest, some fish such as Killies (Aphyosemion) or Austrolebias nigripinnis go there to lay their eggs.
 Peat (turf) gives a brown color to the water.
 Living food for fish.

 Often the distribution of living food launches the production of eggs among the oviparous.
  There are several kinds of worms or insects that you can buy or breed and raise yourself.
  In aquarist shops, you can find bloodworms and living tubifex. Personally I make culture of Grindal worms (white worms) and Drosophila (vinegar flies).
filtering on peat
What is called filtering on peat (turf).
eggs in peat bed
Some fish lay eggs on peat (turf).
peat bed.
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fond elodea guppy elodea
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